Tue, July 05, 2022


Prices of pork, chicken, eggs expected to go down

The prices of pork, as well as those of eggs and chicken, are expected to go down after the end of the Chinese New Year, the Department of Internal Trade announced on Wednesday.

Director-general Watthanasak Sua-iam estimated that the general price should fall to Bt170-180 per kilogram compared to Bt220 earlier this month, peaking at around Bt300 during the Chinese New Year.

The general drop in wholesale price at the pig farms should lower to Bt100, resulting in a decrease in the retail price, he said, without explaining why the retail price had earlier jumped to the highest rate even before the Chinese New Year period. 
The high price had led to the government facing flak from the opposition and the general public.

The price of chicken meat is expected to go down to Bt65-82 per kilogram, which is a slight drop from the current rate, while the price of egg, the middle No. 3 size, should drop to Bt100 for a 30-egg pack, or average Bt3.33 apiece.

The price of palm oil remains stable and is priced appropriately at Bt59 to Bt62 per bottle, said Watthanasak, who explained that the price had risen earlier due to a drop in production in Indonesia and Malaysia because of the Covid outbreak in both countries.

Published : February 03, 2022