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FRIDAY, December 09, 2022
"We have no intention of fighting Russia" - Biden as he announces Russia sanctions

"We have no intention of fighting Russia" - Biden as he announces Russia sanctions

WEDNESDAY, February 23, 2022

U.S. President Joe Biden announced on February 22 new sanctions in retaliation for Russia recognizing two breakaway regions of Ukraine and sending troops there, adding to Western efforts to stop what they fear is the beginning of a full-scale invasion.

The measures target Russian banks and sovereign debt, among other steps.

One of the worst security crises in Europe in decades is unfolding as Russian President Vladimir Putin authorized sending what he calls peacekeeping troops to separatist areas of Donetsk and Luhansk after recognizing them as an independent.

Weeks of intense diplomacy have so far failed as Moscow calls for security guarantees, including a promise that its neighbour Ukraine will never join NATO, while the United States and its allies offer Putin confidence-building and arms control steps.

"He's setting up a rationale to take more territory by force," Biden said at the White House.

Biden added that "there's still time to avert the worst-case scenario."

"We have no intention of fighting Russia. We want to send an unmistakable message though, that the United States, together with our allies will defend every inch of NATO territory and abide by the commitments we made to NATO. We still believe that Russia is poised to go much further in launching a massive military attack against Ukraine. I hope I am wrong about that, I hope we are wrong about that, but Russia has only escalated his threat against the rest of Ukrainian territory including major cities and the capital city of Kyiv." Biden said.