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Attempt to ban opinions betrays dictatorial mindset  

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Re: “A suspicious proliferation of far-right views”, May 25.

I am not sure whether to be flattered or horrified that conspiracy theorist Simon Ordsall considers me to be an alias of JC Wilcox, whoever he or she is. As regards his comment, “these people come and then they mysteriously go”, I first “came” to The Nation letters page in the early ’90s, I’m not intending to “go” anywhere, mysteriously or not, I do not use an alias, and my letters have addressed a variety of topics over a quarter of a century, most recently the Thai beer companies and British pensions.
Both Simon, and Paul of Khon Kaen (“Time to ban extremists from the letters page?” same edition), are typical of the liberal socialist mindset in that they seek to ban what they consider to be extreme views. Just think how dull The Nation letters page would be without comic relief from Eric Bahrt?
To repeat my previous letters, free expression is under threat in an increasingly Orwellian world. If one believes in liberty, any attempt to ban opinion, however obnoxious it may seem to some, must be resisted, or society is doomed.
Nigel Pike
Phang Nga

Published : May 25, 2017