Thu, December 09, 2021


Tillerson hopes Thailand’s elections ‘go as scheduled’

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Just after the coup, the junta said elections would be held late in 2015. The “roadmap” to democracy” is apparently still being “arranged”.

Secretary Tillerson is facing his own challenges from New York State Attorney General Schneiderman, rumour has it. When Rex found out about this a few weeks ago, he “needed a break”.

This despite Thailand being a fascist ally of Imperial Japan and declaring war on the US (oh yes, it wasn’t delivered to Washington – how convenient), and then assisting in Japan’s war crimes on the Death Railway and elsewhere. 
No wonder Churchill wanted Thailand punished severely.
The Americans were working on their own duplicitous interests, of course, as they always have since refusing to pay taxes for a war that Britain fought for their freedom in 1775. Right through to the early ’90s, with their support of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge as the rightful government of Cambodia, US policy has been a stain on Southeast Asia.
Father Fintan Stack

Published : August 09, 2017