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WEDNESDAY, September 28, 2022
Nadech goes from womaniser to womanly in TV series

Nadech goes from womaniser to womanly in TV series

WEDNESDAY, August 16, 2017
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Fans of superstar actor Nadech Kugimiya needn’t worry about online rumours that he’s swapped genders.

Some quick fact-checking reveals that the heartthrob is merely playing a woman in the Channel 3 series “Leh Lub Salub Rang”.
And it’s not easy, he wants you to know.
“It’s a very difficult and challenging role,” Nadech says. “I play Lieutenant Ramil, who looks smart and perfect and self-confident, but actually he’s a womaniser” – until he discovers the error of his ways. 
“I put a lot of work into the action scenes, but the scene that got everyone talking is the one where I exchange spirits with [co-star Urassaya “Yaya” Sperbund]. 
“At first it was very hard playing Petra, a female character. I needed to convince viewers that I was a woman – not just a katoey. It took a lot of rehearsing and I constantly watched how Yaya acted and behaved, watching her demeanour. What was most important was accessing a woman’s inner and outer spirit, such as in the way they sit and speak.”
Once the show hit the airwaves, Nadech says, he was thrilled that his fans liked it and believed his character. “I want to know if people think I’m similar to Yaya or not!
“It’s a drama,” he adds, “but it’s got a lot of comedy flavour to it, as well as action.”
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