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Mall Group treats mums to Sukothai tour

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Women who have a Mall Group M Card celebrated “Mother’s Month” in style with the help of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, travelling to Sukhothai as part of the annual “Pooying Thiew Thai” campaign.

Fortune-teller Ajarn Khatha Chinbunchon, a specialist in cultural art, led the ladies in prayers and merit-making as they explored the ancient city. 
He spoke about the “positive energy” they could find in the old capital, which he called “the secret to having a tranquil and prosperous life”. 
“The city’s name comes from suk, meaning ‘happiness’, and uthai, ‘the dawn of happiness’,” Khatha said. “It was the first territory of the Thai Kingdom, claimed 700 years ago.”
The mall’s customers, especially mothers and their children, first paid respects to the Phra Ajana Buddha statue at Wat Si Chum, said to be powerful in granting wishes. 

Mall Group treats mums to Sukothai tour
Khatha explained that, in praying to the statue, the palms should be held with the fingers of the right hand pointing downwards, to the earth. 
Next stop was the shrine of Phra Mae Ya, which local residents believe holds the spirit of King Ram Khamhaeng, who built the edifice for his mother. 
A tram ride around Sukhothai Historical Park revealed the early Kingdom of Siam in all its prosperous glory. The beautiful architecture of the former palaces and temples has been sufficiently restored to reflect their original grandeur. 
Here, the travellers paid respects at the monument of King Ram Khamhaeng, third ruler of the Phra Ruang dynasty that established the Kingdom. The evening obliged with a gorgeous sunset at Wat Mahathat within the park. 
The second day featured a ride in an open-air bus, humorously called “the pigpen bus”, to the ceramics store Suthep Sangkhalok. Participants got to try their hand at making pottery and expressing their imagination, the younger ladies learning about teamwork alongside their mums. 
The group then viewed vintage woven textiles at the Golden Clothing Sathon Museum, which preserves the way of life of the Phuan people of Baan Haad Siew. On view is Jok Kao Lai fabric and cloth made for ordination ceremonies, elephant parades and weddings. 
“This campaign allows everyone to experience the beauty of domestic travel in Thailand and encourages families to take their mothers travelling, merit-making and praying for good fortune,” said Mall Group senior vice president Voralak Tulaphorn.
“We have package trips to Ayutthaya, Sakon Nakhon, Nakhon Phanom, Sukhothai and Khon Kaen, each one custom-designed for young ladies and their mothers.”
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Published : August 28, 2017

By : The Nation