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SUNDAY, September 25, 2022
Wanted: Art to transform a city

Wanted: Art to transform a city

TUESDAY, September 12, 2017
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The Urban Media Art Academy Bangkok has put out the call for art projects that might make the city more inhabitable.

An international jury will choose 12 submissions for further development at an “Ideas and Concepts” workshop to be held during the Bangkok Design Festival from November 17 to 19.
“Emotional Transitions” will be the theme for the workshop examining the selected projects and their technological feasibility and likely impacts on city living. 
After the workshop, three of the 12 submissions will be suggested for implementation to the academy’s local and international partners.
Urban media have the ability to change the city’s visual infrastructure with screens, architecture and lighting schemes, gradually altering its pace and rhythms and the way individuals feel in a given setting.
Transitions at a macro scale affect transitions in our bodies and states of mind, how we perceive ourselves and engage with each other in the city. “Revealing these interactions and their impacts is important in understanding how we can make, manage and inhabit places,” Charles Landry and Chris Murray write in their book “Psychology and the City: The Hidden Dimension”.
So the artwork proposals have to address these “emotional transitions” in everyday life, social life, community life, work life or some other aspect. They might focus on traffic situations or the act of moving from one neighbourhood to another and encountering their diversity – or from one mood to another. 
Artists, designers, architects, curators and others seeking to advance their knowledge, skills and network in urban media art are welcome to submit. 
Participants will learn about methods of artistic research, concept development and artwork proposals for rendering the city more creative. 
Proposals must be submitted by Friday midnight (September 15) to [email protected]
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