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Counting down the days, hours and minutes

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Luxury brand Hermes will launch the latest edition of the Slim d'Hermes L'heure impatiente timepiece at the biennial charity auction “Only Watch 2017” taking place on November 11 in Geneva.

The jubilant ritual consists of setting the counter of the watch to the time of the eagerly awaited event that will take place in less than 12 hours. An hour before it occurs, the mechanical hourglass is set in motion and its progress can be followed at 6 o’clock on the dial.
The striking mechanism has been designed to ensure a lasting, velvetysmooth sound that is also delightfully modulated for the wearer’s ears only. The playful and quirky “Impatient Hour” complication is based on this companionable rapport.
Adorned with 193 components and 28 jewels, the effervescence is entirely summed up in a module measuring just 2.2 mm thick, powered by the mechanical selfwinding Manufacture Hermes H1912 movement. This compact calibre is housed in a spacious sapphire crystal case and the 1mm black dial resonates with the vibration of the striking mechanism.
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Published : October 20, 2017