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THURSDAY, September 28, 2023

No doubt that migrant influx is straining Western liberal values

No doubt that migrant influx is straining Western liberal values
WEDNESDAY, November 08, 2017

Re: “Any solutions to the ‘wave of migrant rapists’ sweeping Europe?”, Have Your Say, November 7.

If nit-picker Simon Ordsall were to pull his head out of the mainstream media sand for long enough to do his own research into the source data, he would discover the truths behind what he refers to as “scaremongering, demonising and xenophobia”.
He asks for evidence. The UK’s 600,000 sex-grooming (I didn’t say “rape”) cases were reported by police chief Simon Bailey, who quoted the results of the National Household Survey of Adverse Childhood Experiences. To put this in perspective, UK’s Office of National Statistics reports 45,100 rapes and 129,700 sexual offences in the year to June 2017, up by 22 per cent and 19 per cent.
Ordsall appears to think that fellow contributor JC Wilcox and I have a responsibility to offer solutions to the atrocities we come up with. That is the job of government; what I do is blow whistles and expose injustices that are being covered up. Western liberal values are being pushed to the limit; they are taken advantage of by migrants who have no inclination to respect national laws, and who are hell-bent on retaining cultural traditions such as female genital mutilation (one case every 61 minutes reported by the UK National Health Service), polygamy and arranged child marriages, which have no place in Western society and to which the UK authorities turn a blind eye. 
The solution? Enforce the secular laws of the land impartially without reference to race, ethnicity or religion. Those who can’t accept that simple requirement don’t belong in a civilised society and must choose between incarceration or moving to another country that’s more amenable to their mindset.
Nigel Pike
Phang Nga