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Born to roam the sky, but everywhere in cages

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Re: “Better if ‘pet keeping’ had never existed in first place”, Have Your Say, April 15.

Visiting Thailand some years ago, one thing that made me particularly sad was seeing all the birds hanging in small, barren, cages in front of shops. Birds are born to fly – that’s why they have wings – yet, for nothing but human pleasure these sweet little creatures are condemned to this sad life of severe boredom, monotony and deprivation. Of course, Thailand isn’t the only place where birds are caged. Unfortunately keeping caged “pet” birds is an accepted practice all around the globe.
Especially sad is the fact that long-living birds, such as parrots, are forced to endure this dismal existence for 70 years or more. Captive cockatoos can live for 120 years.
Birds are not human playthings. They are intelligent, sensitive creatures that have as much right to freedom and happiness as we do. Keeping birds – or any animal – in a cage is immensely cruel and should be made illegal. This is one practice that I most definitely wish had never started in the first place.
Jenny Moxham
Victoria, South Australia

Published : April 16, 2018