Wed, May 18, 2022


Trump’s ‘dream’ our nightmare – or more lies

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The undulating topography that is the mind of Donald Trump continues to shift with the sands that form the basis of what his administration calls, as but one example from a chaotic mendocracy, “the largest-attended presidential inauguration ceremony in the history of the observable universe”. Sarcasm intended.

Trump’s most vocal anilingual myrmidon here, in an accidental but nonetheless true dollop of adjusted semantics, says that Trump’s “dream” is “based on reality”. Dreams, pretty much by definition, are not reality. In the case of the current incumbent at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, they remain exactly that: dreams. Or nightmares. So is this all the truth, or yet more lies? That is the $130,000 question.
Dr Frank

Published : May 05, 2018