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SUNDAY, September 25, 2022
No need for anger over disputes

No need for anger over disputes

WEDNESDAY, June 13, 2018
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The apoplectic person with the nom de guerre “Eric Bahrt” writes “angry” (his word) letters, lately in irate response to my and B Davies’ quite reasonable observations with which he happens to disagree.

No problem; his prerogative. However, I would counsel him to be cognisant of that old aphorism: “Lose your temper, lose the argument.” Or, failing that, either start or keep taking the tablets.
He further informs us that he is who he says who he is because his “name and picture has been in Thai newspapers several times”. I’m impressed. That’s a cast-iron unimpeachable guarantee of identity, if ever there was one.
But, to be fair, it’s probably the nearest he’s ever going to come to having a paper accepted by a peer-reviewed journal. But I don’t really care either way; it’s content, not questionable braggadocio, that counts. Moreover, Eric falls back on that same, exhausted argument that his identify is real, whilst those of others are not. Give it a rest, Eric, your vegetarian partner in crime Jenny Moxham has used that admission of intellectual moribundity long before you. Don’t allow yourself into fall into the same dreary trap.
I would further counsel Eric to not let himself be easily intimidated by those of us who agree with him on some issues that are aired here. But, when attempting to shove your views down the throats of others, he might be man enough to accept that some people will quite rightly object. If nothing else, though, it’s all good for a laugh.
Now, let us hope that this well-meaning lesson is learned by him.
Dr Frank