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Turning seven with a Smile

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Thai Smile celebrates turning seven on the seventh day of the seventh month by offering travellers a special menu crafted by two partners, Starbucks and After You Dessert Cafe.

The new menu will be served to all passengers from Saturday (July 7) to July 13.
“During the past six years, Thai Smile made changes in its service strategies to meet the needs of travellers and continues to pursue its goal of being the leading full-service airline in the region. The service is excellent, it is good value for money and meets the needs of short-haul commuters while also providing maximum comfort for passengers who require excellent services,” says Chatchai Panyoo, acting chief executive of Thai Smile.
“As we step into our seventh year of operation, we have improved the existing service and even modified WE Smile magazine to allow passengers to get more involved. In making all modifications and improvements, Thai Smile will take into account the needs of passengers. We are also opening two new routes –Bangkok-Guangzhou to replace the existing Phuket-Guangzhou, and Bangkok-Kolkata. 
“Thai Smile is moving into its seventh year with a plan to develop a service geared towards modifying the service details, without effect on costs, such as changing the way we serve and be more flexible while maintaining service standards or serving styles. No tray is used, but a box that can be served instead of a tray. Smile Bag Packaging has been adjusted. There is also a premium tinted seat cover in grey in the Smile PLUS class. A satisfaction survey is conducted every month, and we brainstorm on adjusting the plans or solutions. It is also necessary to go out to check the operations,” says Nednapang Teeravas, chief customer service officer of Thai Smile.
For its anniversary menu, Thai Smile is working with After You on a Trio Chocolate Fudge Cake, a Strawberry Cheese Cake Verrine and Mango Coconut Sago Pudding (blue pea tapioca pearl topped with coconut milk and mango sauce) and serving them with Starbucks VIA Italian roast, one of the latest innovations from Starbucks. These will be available for passengers in the premium economy class (Smile Plus) and economy class (Smile Class) in all seats for all domestic and international flights. Passengers in premium economy class (Smile Plus) will be surprised by a cup of freshly blended coffee “Muan Jai Blend” served by a Starbucks barista with “Toast on Board”, a signature dish from After You.

Published : July 04, 2018

By : The Nation