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Welcome to the league of open-minded gentlemen 

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Re: “They let anyone in [to the alt-right]?”, Have Your Say, August 27.

Congratulations, Khun Somsak! and welcome to our small circle of ethical, educated and measured realists well-versed in history. Most of us are members of the club of the THIRD age, in French “Troisieme age” – aka the Twilight Zone. Yes, as a child I was witness to the horrors of World War II.
Now, I dare speak for the other regular contributors to this page: we are anything but racists, we judge the people by their character and NOT by colour.  
Just our mere relocation to polite and smiling Thailand defines us as open-minded gentlemen.
Further I assume that Nigel Pike is married to a non-Westerner, as am I. We delight in enjoying what we got: nice, educated ladies without any prejudices, no closed-mindedness and the chance to live within an atmosphere of cultural exchange and spiritual enrichment complemented by culinary delicacies.
So let’s continue our exchange of views without any unkind and insinuating propositions, be they academic or not; just plain straightforward, politeness and respect – the two latter virtues being pillars of our culture and civilisation.

Published : September 02, 2018