Sun, August 07, 2022


US Democrats are bad, but Republican hypocrites are worse

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Re: “US Democrats rushing to impeach Trump before truth comes out”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

Because Clara Holzer can’t answer my arguments she instead lies about what I wrote. I never called Bill Clinton a “saint”. What I wrote was that if the Republicans are going to say Bret Kavanaugh is innocent of sexual assault charges until proven guilty, the same standards should apply to Bill Clinton. Instead the Republican hypocrites call Clinton a rapist when no charges have ever been filed against him.
I also never said that Hillary Clinton is my “idol”. But I voted for her because she was running against a racist, sexist, homophobic, animal-hating sociopath. The only reason I’m a “Democrat” is because the Republicans are even worse!
Eric Bahrt 
Chiang Mai

Published : September 27, 2018