Sat, September 25, 2021


The secret to stopping a bully

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Re: “Bullying epidemic in Thai schools among worse in world”, Have Your Say, yesterday.



I want to tell parents to encourage your children to fight back against bullies – just once. I know it is a scary thought. It might give your kids a fat lip or bruises here and there, but I guarantee the bullies will stop. (You might need to boost your children’s courage first by giving them a lesson in muay thai or taekwando.)
Bullies have a psychological problem. They either lack attention from their parents and lash out at others for that attention, or suffer an inferiority complex stemming from their physical ugliness and try to compensate by showing toughness. They are cowards and prey on meek and smaller children who they know will cower in the corner.
Keep in mind that ALL bullies are gutless jellyfish. Fight back just once and they will wet their pants and leave your child alone. 
Former bully

Published : October 17, 2018