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SATURDAY, September 23, 2023

Rap’s only significant contribution to the world is noise pollution

Rap’s only significant contribution to the world is noise pollution
WEDNESDAY, November 07, 2018

Every day I and other older fit guys are pestered at the gym by rappers talk-singing about drugs, guns, f***ing and even motherf***ing. Worse still, it appears that many people believe rap music is now a political force in Thailand.

But ask yourself, what has rap music done for its birthplace, America? Has it contributed to change, like making the country more democratic? One look at a typical rap video tells you all you need to know. I doubt fans of rap get up early enough even to cast their votes. It sounds and looks like these people live their lives at nighttime.
The Thai rap “song” in question is receiving a lot of “clicks” and attention. No surprise there. Hasn’t it always been cool to provoke adults? The large number of views and likes are however being interpreted as a poll on the political situation of the country. Isn’t it in fact mostly down to curiosity and a desire to be cool? 
Punk has died out, and now I can’t wait for the day the world is released from hip-hop and rap!
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