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Life is a chain of sacrifice – to survive we must destroy

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Re: “Season of goodwill interrupted by belch of boorishness”, Have Your Say, December 26. 



Diane Cornelius writes this about being a vegan: “It is a great source for celebration, knowing our taste-bud choices have not harmed any gentle, sentient beings.” While I completely sympathise with your sentiments, Diane, they come across somewhat unpolished in written form.
Plants are gentle sentient beings, too; it is merely their faculties of sentience which differ from ours. You write of “compassionate consciousness”, but compassion is an action; consciousness itself is perfectly dispassionate and never does anything nor does it change.
Life is an inherently sacrificial process which is best lived consciously. Availing oneself of that conscious awareness will ultimately help one determine what to eat.
This is my understanding, I hope it helps brings clarity.
Michael Setter
Chon Buri

Published : December 27, 2018