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Gay tourists trump expat bigots

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Perhaps the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has expressed greater forbearance, arguably provoked by spotting an opportunity to attract wider inward investment.

Attracting LGBTQ people to visit this country is an encouraging sign that Thailand welcomes healthy diversity and wishes to promote a more modern and progressive posture.
Let’s face facts. If Thailand tolerates far-right, extremist bigots living here who tiresomely express their toxic invective in these pages ad nauseam, and who peddle the usual predictable, narrow, whinging cojones, why not welcome decent human beings whose only “crime” is to be different through no fault of their own? 
I’ll leave it at that, as to expand on this theme risks affording unearned credibility to the prejudiced foreign idiocracy living here.
Dr Frank

Published : January 16, 2019