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Sympathy for the expat devil 

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Nigel Pike, in his dotage, offered up some illuminating thoughts on other over-75 unfortunates who are seemingly going to suffer the iniquities of arbitrary policies on expats’ health insurance.



Considering his concerns, I take it this includes himself. I am still exempt from that age group by reason of youth and physical condition, but I do sympathise. It cannot be easy to enjoy the pleasures of a well-earned retirement, while being assailed by Pooterish bureaucracy.
Allow me to conclude by taking this opportunity to remind the dyspeptic Mister Pike that I am happy to extend my generosity of spirit to anyone who writes something sensible, preferably extremism-free, as I have stated before in these pages. If this is not possible, perhaps a dose of suitable medication might provide a solution, but I accept that in Nigel’s case this is highly improbable, in light of his hair-trigger irascibility. Ah, ’twas ever thus.
Dr Frank

Published : May 19, 2019