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Greening our cities the organic way

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Real estate developer Sansiri is launching Sansiri Backyard with pilot projects in Bangkok and Hua Hin in line with its “For Greater Wellbeing” vision.

The unused 11-rai plot of land on Sukhumvit Soi 77 and another three-rai area in Hua Hin that both are not yet under construction are being developed as chemical-free farms to inspire city dwellers to improve their quality of life. 
The projects are based on its 3Gs principle; Green – making use of an empty land by turning it into a green space, Grow – farming vegetables and fruits on that empty land, and Give – revenue from selling part of the produce will be used as a shared resource for the society. The products from the farm will go to restaurants in the Siri House project in Bangkok and the Escape hotels in Hua Hin and Khao Yai.
“This is another major step forward in our ‘For Greater Wellbeing’ vision. Our aim is for Sansiri Backyards become the city’s green communities and contribute towards sustainable urban living,” says Jariya Janjerdsak, Sansiri’s assistant executive vice president of product development.
Jariya adds that Sansiri begins to build up the green mind among its employees by giving each a table farm kit to plant on desks. The Sansiri Backyard will also be introduced to other properties.
Singer Note Panayanggool, who joins the project launch, says a liveable city should contain a good balance between prosperity and green space.
“In the big cities of Thailand, we disconnect from nature. We can help make green spaces by taking responsibility for our planet. When people understand the importance of nature, our cities will be more liveable.”
Jongsarid Cunvong of Kamnan Chul Farm adds: “I am proud that we have produced organic crops that are eco-friendly, and have helped creating a balanced nature through rotation farming under the concept of zero-waste management. I am delighted that a private sector developer like Sansiri gives priority to life quality for city dwellers, who long for green spaces and a healthy life resulting from having access to natural organic food. It is good not only for people but also for our planet.”
Jate Sopitpongstorn is among the young generation concerned about the quality of life and has started his own organic farm.
“Happiness gained from organic farming is so worthwhile you cannot put a price on it. Sufficiency agriculture enables a balanced lifestyle; a life lived in moderation with the self, doing everything in harmony with nature. I am happy to play a part in not harming our planet. Few people living in cities understand this concept.”
Sansiri Backyard @T77 Sukhmvit and Sansiri Backyard @ HuaHin expect to be ready for the public to explore in October.

Published : May 28, 2019