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Mickey and Minnie go Thai

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Walt Disney (Thailand) celebrates the “Year of the Mouse” by bringing Mickey and Minnie to the Land of Smiles and giving them a distinctly Thai feel with the “Mickey Go Thailand” campaign kicking off this month and running through the end of 2020.



For the first time, Thai fans will get to see Mickey and Minnie experience the charms of Thailand, from unique tourist destinations and culture to an assortment of delicious Thai dishes through both online and offline channels. The campaign also features collaborations with leading partner brands in different product categories for the “Mickey Check-in Bangkok” special collection.
“The campaign reinforces the highly praised ‘Share a Smile’ campaign that marked Mickey’s 90th birthday,” says Preecha Archamongkol, the company’s director of Consumer Productions Commercialisation.

Preecha Archamongkol
“This is the first time that Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse will indulge in the exotic and intrinsic charms of Thailand ranging from landmark destinations and unique Thai cuisine to Thai culture. Their adventures in Thailand will be presented to fans through both offline and online channels. Thai Disney lovers will be able to see countless combinations of our cute and iconic characters with Thai culture or heritage such as ‘krajang’ patterns and Thai traditional loincloths. Our presentations under this campaign are based on two contrasting hues. The famous “Siamese Smile” as well as friendly and joyful characteristics of Thai people are being depicted in pink, yellow, blue, and green while brown, purple, and dark blue are being used to represent warmth, modesty and kindness. In addition, the elegance of Thai culture is being uplifted with the use of the ‘Iconic Gold’ colour,” Preecha added.

Mickey and Minnie go Thai
Chipmunks brothers Chip n’ Dale recently delighted fans in the short animation “Mickey Mouse Our Floating Dreams”, which brought Mickey to Thailand’s floating market and also introduced the Thai character Ann Bunchuay in “Amphibia”. Created by Thai-American Matt Braly, “Amphibia” brings Thai elements to the story through the character of Ann, a self-centred 13-year-old who is magically transported to the fictitious world of Amphibia, a rural marshland full of frog-people. With the help of an excitable young frog named Sprig Plantar, Ann transforms into a heroine and discovers the first true friendship of her life.
“In fact, neither the animations are related to this project but I think they will help to make it better known,” he says.

Mickey and Minnie go Thai
“For this campaign, we are going to release licensed merchandise under the ‘Mickey Check-in Bangkok’ collection in which Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse will be ‘checking in’ to various landmark destinations in Thailand wearing Thai traditional costumes, doing a Wai, riding a tuk-tuk auto rickshaw, enjoying Thai traditional desserts and experiencing a floating market. 

Mickey and Minnie go Thai
Clothing brands joining as campaign partners include Uniqlo, Les Enphant, Four P’s, Shou Group, Big C Supercenter, Josilins and Momoji from Best Project, P W S Collection, and Prima Gold. Toy brands are Cartoon Character and Keak while beauty product and consumer goods brands include MYU-NIQUE from Varinda, S&P, and Wel-B from JoeRy Family, as well as bedding accessory brands namely Neez Product, Double Star, and Jessica from Lee Rung Charoen.
The merchandise will be available at leading shopping malls and convenience stores nationwide. Exclusively for online channels, Disney and LINE have jointly created a LINE sticker set featuring Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Thai texts such as ‘Sawasdee (Hello)’, ‘Khob Khun (Thank you)’, and many more.

Published : August 22, 2019

By : The Nation