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MONDAY, September 26, 2022
Thailand Street Food Today

Thailand Street Food Today

THURSDAY, September 10, 2020
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“Part of the charms of travelling in Thailand comes from our street food.” Yuthasak Supasorn, Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, had this to say about Thai street food that is gaining popularity once again after the COVID-19 pandemic has been contained.


Yuthasak Supasorn, Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)

The Train Night Market in Srinakarin is an example of a hotspot for street food. It takes up a huge area in the eastern suburbs of Bangkok. This is where a community of food lovers meet. There are so many stalls selling plenty of food for you to buy and taste. Enjoy your choices while wandering around or find a seat to eat your street food treats. There are over 100 stalls arranged in neat rows. The atmosphere is back to being vibrant once again, as Thais have gotten accustomed to the new normal way of life. “We have been able to control and manage the spread of COVID-19 because Thais have been cooperative - we physically distance ourselves and sit some distance apart. Everyone is seen wearing masks which prevents the transmission of the virus among shop owners as well as customers,” the Governor says.

Thailand Street Food Today

One Sunday evening in August, the Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand visited the street food market himself. He personally tried the famous egg noodles, basil fried rice served in a tray, beef steak, and decadent pandan bun. Everything looked so scrumptious that Khun Yuthasak couldn’t hold back spending quite a bit of money.

“This is considered little money spent, especially when considering the taste of the food and the fun experience involved. If you went and had a beef steak at a restaurant, or if you dined at a Michelin star restaurant, it would cost so much more. These days you also get street food being awarded Michelin Stars. Currently all food markets are open as usual.”

Thailand is home to many street food places with the famous Michelin Star symbols. Really famous ones include Jay Fai, Wattana Beef Noodles and Koti Pah Tong Koh in Chinatown. So many people around the world want to visit Thailand, especially to savour all the delicious Thai food. Apart from Michelin Stars, we also have Bib Gourmand - the symbol given to restaurants serving quality food at a reasonable price. You can browse through the list of places with this symbol on the website

Thailand Street Food Today

 Even during the lockdown period, street food locations couldn’t open shop. Many owners quickly adapted to the situation and offered delivery services sending food right to the customers’ doorsteps. Delivery services became hugely popular. Definitely an example of turning a crisis into an opportunity! CNN placed Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, on the list of the 23 top cities with the best street food in the world. Thais are very proud, and we must agree that our cuisine is very tasty and deserves to be on the list. Some foreign tourists visit Thailand, especially to savour all the street food eats and treats. Street food is part of our food culture, and it also reflects the current travel and tourism atmosphere in the country.

“Do come and explore street food,” invites the Governor of the TAT before he puts on his mask, stands up, and disappears towards the food stalls to look around for more eats.

Thailand Street Food Today

We quickly follow suit because we also set our eyes on certain delectable dishes.

Are you ready to venture out to try street food during these new normal times?

Thailand Street Food Today

Let’s quickly catch up with the Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand to get another look at all the delicious delights! 

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