Fri, December 03, 2021


Sea of light

The Mapo Oil Depot, located near the World Cup Park in Mapo, western Seoul, was once a level-one security facility that was off limits to the public for almost 40 years. The facility has recently been refurbished as a cultural space for citizens.

Sea of light Sea of light Sea of light A lantern exhibition, titled “Sea of Light,” is currently running at the once abandoned oil tank, offering a cultural experience for those who are feeling exhausted amid the prolonged coronavirus pandemic. 
Sea of light

The exhibition hall features a range of sea creatures, including a large turtle and a sea lion swimming through a school of tiny sardines. They are all lanterns made of hanji, or mulberry paper. 
Sea of light Sea of light Sea of light Going up the stairs amid a school of fish swirling around, there are more illuminated sculptures like cats and pigeons playing on the grass. A giant rainbow-colored whale, a symbol of dreams, swims high in the sky. You can also take a rest on a cute glowing tree stump.

Sea of light The exhibition runs through Feb. 21 and admission is free.

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Photos by Park Hyun-koo
Written by Lee Ji-yoon

Published : January 24, 2021

By : Lee Ji-yoon Korea Herald