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What makes people happy during the Covid-19 crisis

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Being able to spend time with family and having plenty of free time were among the reasons that made people happy during the Covid-19 crisis, a poll revealed on Sunday.

Suan Dusit Poll surveyed people on 10 things that gave them happiness.

The poll was conducted between January 15 and 22 and involved 1,136 respondents nationwide.

When asked about what makes them happy amid the Covid-19 crisis (multiple choice):

- 86.92 per cent said they have plenty of time to do as they like.

- 75.22 per cent said they can live with their family.

- 56.10 per cent said they don't have to get up early.

- 29.81 per cent said they could take care of their health.

- 13.46 per cent said they could adjust themselves to be in line with the online world.

- 13.08 per cent said they still have an occupation.

- 10.44 per cent said they could travel without worries of traffic jams.

- 8.18 per cent said Thai medical personnel are performing their duty well.

- 5.03 per cent said they could see Thai people's cooperation and kindness.

- 1.89 per cent said natural resources would have a chance to recover.

Paisan Kongsatitsathaporn, acting director of Suan Dusit University Public Relations Division, said changing one's attitude was important because there was always happiness in every crisis.

"If we can overcome the sorrow, we will find happiness at last," he said.

Published : January 24, 2021

By : The Nation