Mon, December 06, 2021


Beware of herbal miracle cures, warns kidney expert

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Thanks to the wide reach of social media, people nowadays are being bombarded by advertisements, many of them offering miracle cures.

However, the Nephrology Society of Thailand said on Wednesday that there is no herbal cure for kidney disease.

Captain Dr Pongsatorn Kochasenee, a kidney expert at Bhumibol Adulyadej Hospital, said there is still insufficient evidence that herbs can cure kidney disease. He also said that many herbs contain substances that may clash with medication a patient is already taking.

“Some herbs can also harm the kidney. For instance, star fruit can cause acute kidney injury, the East Indian screw tree can cause kidney failure, while licorice can cause high blood pressure," he said.

The doctor also pointed out that there is insufficient evidence that cordyceps (Chong Cao), which currently popular among netizens, can treat kidney disease in humans.

"Some cordyceps products are high in metal content, which can harm the kidney in the long term,” he said.

Instead, the doctor said, the best way to maintain the kidneys is to remain healthy and avoid behaviour that may affect kidney function.

Published : February 24, 2021

By : The Nation