Wednesday, September 22, 2021


Only remote chance of reinfection for patients who have contracted Covid-19

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People who have contracted Covid-19 once are less likely to be infected again, Chulalongkorn University virology specialist Dr Yong Poovorawan said on Sunday.



Citing foreign research, he said that people who had already been infected with Covid-19 were 84 per cent free from the virus compared to those who had never been infected.

"To put it simply, immunity built from the Covid-19 infection or vaccine made from the virus has 84 per cent efficacy in preventing infection," he said.

"Immunity cannot be 100 per cent for Covid-19, unlike measles and chickenpox," he said, adding that vaccines with 84 per cent efficacy are considered effective in the case of Covid-19.

"In the future, people may have to receive more jabs to stimulate immunity for long-term prevention," he said.

He added that even people who have been infected with Covid-19 would need vaccination just as those who have never been infected.

"This would be a great opportunity for vaccine manufacturers," he added.

Published : April 18, 2021

By : The Nation