Mon, December 06, 2021


Special edition of Laughter for Sale provides tips on protection against Covid

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The World Health Organisation and its partners have launched a special edition of the popular Thai comic magazine “Kai Hua Ror” or Laughter for Sale offering a humorous rendition of how families can protect themselves from Covid-19.

Since March, the magazine has also been translated and made available in English, Burmese, Khmer and Laos in a bid to reach a wider group of people in Thailand, including foreigners.

The aim is to use cartoons and humour to show people how they can reduce the risk of infection for themselves and their communities by respecting basic social etiquette such as washing hands frequently, coughing and sneezing safely, avoiding touching their mouth and nose and maintaining a safe distance – one to two metres – from others.


The cartoons also take on sensitive topics in simple, easy-to-understand terms, such as showing people how to reduce stigma against Covid-19, providing information on vaccines and raising awareness on rising domestic violence as a result of lockdowns.

Copies of the special edition will be distributed for free nationwide through village administration offices, village health volunteers, provincial halls, primary and secondary schools, public libraries, state-run hospitals and health centres, embassies and international agencies.

Published : April 22, 2021

By : The Nation