Liverpool FC most popular team in Thailand, says poll

MONDAY, JULY 25, 2022

Liverpool away and Buriram United at home was the verdict of Thai football fans asked to name their favourite teams in a poll earlier this month.

The July 18-21 telephone poll was conducted on 2,500 people from different educational and work backgrounds by the National Institute of Development Administration (Nida).

Asked if they followed the English Premier League, 31.16 per cent said yes, while 68.84 per cent said no. Meanwhile Thai League 1 was slightly less popular, with 29.60 per cent following and 70.40 per cent not.

Among Premier League watchers, 17.33 per cent said they were hardcore fans while 82.67 per cent said they only followed occasionally.

For the Thai League, 9.59 per cent were hardcore fans and 90.41 per cent only casual followers.

Topping Thai fans’ list of favourite Premier League teams was Liverpool with 31.32 per cent. Manchester United were a close second on 30.42 per cent, followed by Chelsea (9.37 per cent), Arsenal (3.85 per cent), Manchester City (2.95 per cent) and Thai-owned Leicester City (2.82 per cent)

Buriram United topped the list of Thai League 1 teams with 32.43 per cent, followed by Muangthong United (11.49 per cent), Port FC (6.49 per cent), Chonburi FC (4.73 per cent) and BG Pathum United (2.97 per cent).