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SUNDAY, October 01, 2023

Property report showed importance of key factor

Property report showed importance of key factor
SUNDAY, October 18, 2015

Ref: "CBD area prices on upward trajectory", Property, October 16.

I was pleasantly surprised at the investigative report of your correspondent Somluck Srimalee.
I have read so many property articles with not one describing the true state of the condominium market in Bangkok.
She summarised the causes of the upward trend well – so long as the property is in walking distance to a BTS/MRT station and supermarkets/ malls, and even better near a park, then there can never be a depressed price there.
The money losers are those mushrooming in distant areas. Unfortunately, this one-sided bleak picture has been the basis of information written by many so-called property experts.
They simply put undue fear into the market when they should know that property is influenced by three factors – location, location and location – and not generalise about Bangkok based on one depressed segment.
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