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SUNDAY, October 01, 2023

Tattoos and the three wise monkeys

Tattoos and the three wise monkeys
THURSDAY, September 07, 2017

French photographer Jessie Lie joins Thai painter Jirasak Anoujohn in exploring the spiritual side of Bangkok in “Belief over Beauty” showing from today until November 1 at S Gallery at Sofitel Sukhumvit Bangkok.

Lie presents a collection of black-and-white images that capture the world of sak yan, the Thai tradition of hand-tattooing ink designs on the body for spiritual purposes. She spent nearly a year studying sak yan, enjoying extended periods inside Thailand’s relatively guarded khru sak (tattoo master) community, living amongst them and attending such special ceremonies as the annual wai khru, in which disciples pay homage to masters past and present.

For his part, award-wining artist Jirasak presents a series of paintings that reflect the philosophy and beliefs in Buddhism in terms of how they relate to the “Three Wise Monkeys.:

His works refer to similar ideas in Buddhism, specifically the Buddha’s practical guideline to ethical and mental development with the goal of freeing the individual from suffering, attachments and delusion, which finally leads to understanding the truth about all things.

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