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SUNDAY, December 03, 2023

Why assume that senators will be loyal to their master? 

Why assume that senators will be loyal to their master? 
MONDAY, April 01, 2019

Pheu Thai is lamenting that it needs a whopping 376 MP votes to be able to form the government, while Phalang Pracharath is celebrating as it needs only 126 MP votes, assuming it has already secured 250 nods from the junta-appointed Senate. 

But wait a second! Who knows for sure that all 250 honourable senators will vote in unison for Prayut? While it is true they will be handpicked by the junta from a list of retired military generals and Thaksin adversaries, I have faith they will dutifully vote with their conscience. Being picked by the junta doesn’t mean they will sell their souls to it. Look at the Election Commission and the Constitutional Court. Both are stacked with junta appointees but both remain ... well, sort of, impartial.
Let’s have faith, hold our criticism and wait until the fat lady has finished singing.
Somsak Pola 
Samut Prakan