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FRIDAY, December 08, 2023

Trump and Kim could get lucky in Pattaya

Trump and Kim could get lucky in Pattaya
TUESDAY, April 16, 2019

Re: “North Korean leader is open to a third Trump summit: KCNA”, World, April 15.

You see what happens. Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un hold a summit in Singapore, and all we get is a flurry of good will: lots of frosting, no cake.
They hold a second summit in Hanoi, and it falls apart. No cake, and no frosting, either. 
Well, it could be third time lucky, folks, if the two Large Leaders finally heed the Divine Will and hold their third summit in Pattaya, the Fun Capital of the Known Universe. At last we may get both cake and frosting, if the Thai government will just get off its well-padded duff and do some serious hustling.
Hosting the summit will top off an exciting year in Thailand. While Big Don and Li’l Jong frolic at the world-famous Windmill Club, Melania and Mrs Kim can sate their shopping lusts at Central Festival Pattaya. But it will take some promoting, so let’s see some dynamic PR action from the junta. Otherwise, Thailand will end up left out in the cold once again.
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