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Five products worth buying online

Dec 19. 2019
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Like elsewhere in the world, Thai shoppers are moving to shopping online, taking advantage of the improved services, a broader variety of payment options including credit card, e-wallet and cash on delivery, fast shipping and the emergence of new online retailers.

Better value is also an important factor and a survey by conducted between January and November revealed the top five products that are cheaper in online shops than in traditional retailers.

1. Smart phones

Smart phones sold via online shops can be up to 20-per-cent cheaper than in traditional shops, and prices of older models will come down faster when new ones hit the market. Statistics show that with the exception of the iPhone, all brands of smart phones sold through online shops drop their prices within 2-3 months after new models are announced.

2. IT gadgets

These products include smart watches, headphones, speakers, IoT and smart devices. Online shops often provide discount codes for these products to boost sales during festivals as they are among top choices for gifts.

3. Baby products

These products include diapers, formula, milk bottles, breast pumps and baby clothes. Some brands even have their own online shops to distribute products to consumers without the middleman.

4. Gift vouchers and cash cards

These are also among the top choices for gifts and rewards in special activities such as office games and parties. Many establishments including Central Department Store and Starbucks sell their gift vouchers for cheap online to attract customers to spend at their store.

5. Cosmetics and skincare products

Branded cosmetics sold online often carry 30- to 40-per-cent discounts on the label price while those sold over the counter see only 10-15-per cent discounts. These products also include sunscreen and perfumes.

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