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New categories added to Thailand Zocial Awards

Feb 06. 2021
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Social media analytics consultancy Wisesight said on Friday that new categories would be added to the 9th Thailand Zocial Awards.


The new awards aim to celebrate brand influencers and entertainment persons who have good work on social media platforms, under the “Wisesight Metric” standard and others, they said.


The awards to be announced this year include:


1. Best Brand Performance on Social Media


2. Best Entertainment Performance on Social Media


3. Best Influencer Performance on Social Media


4. Best Brand Performance on Social Media by Platform


5. Best Media Innovation


6. Special Award


7. Person of the Year


Wisesight said that of the four famous social media in Thailand – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube – Twitter posts increased by 15.6 per cent in 2020, compared to 2019.


However, most brands have used Facebook as their main platform to communicate with their supporters, the company added.

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