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MONDAY, December 04, 2023

Mastering Sigma, the maestro of 'Overwatch,' according to two pros

Mastering Sigma, the maestro of 'Overwatch,' according to two pros
WEDNESDAY, April 14, 2021

Sigma, "Overwatch's" brooding astrophysicist, commands the gravity around him to dominate an opposing team. He's a repressive off-tank with a well-rounded set of abilities that allow him to break off from his team and disrupt the tempo of a fight.

The Washington Post spoke with two of the Overwatch League's best Sigma players, Indy "Space" Halpern of the Los Angeles Gladiators and Gi-Cheol "Cr0ng" Nam the Guangzhou Charge, about how to make the most of the tyrannical Overwatch hero - taking your competitive play to the next level. Here's what they said.

- - -

Be aggressive. Better yet, be oppressive.

Players controlling Sigma have a tendency to stick with their main tank, but Sigma is intended to push the fight forward on his terms. Find your own angle on the enemy team, the pros said. Sigma is at his best when he separates from his team and fires at the enemy from another position, forcing the opponent to contend with two points of attack.

Sigma can deal serious damage, heal himself and shield against incoming fire. Use your independence to flank your opponents and disrupt the pace of the match.

"Sigma's job is to shut down the other team, to be as oppressive as possible," Space said. "You want to be the one taking control of the game."

Crong said Sigma players have to be selfish. Sigma's power comes from his ability to control, or conquer, a certain part of the map. Press forward, alternating between Sigma's shield and kinetic grasp, to create space for your team or to push back an enemy advance.

- - -

Spam your hyperspheres. Play the angles.

Sigma floats around the map twirling around a pair of hyperspheres, like some twisted fidget-spinner. The little balls of gravity can bounce off walls and implode, providing the hero a reliable and endless medium-range burst fire.

Cr0ng and Space suggest sending Sigma's pair of projectiles into a corner or a chokepoint to pressure opponents waiting just out of sight. It's one of the few abilities in the game that can ricochet off the walls. So take advantage of it as you try to gain ground.

- - -

Don't break your barrier. It's one of many tools.

When Sigma charges into a team fight, he can propel his floating barrier forward and provide some cover. It's a key part of Sigma's aggressive playstyle, but don't rely on his shield. Recall your barrier, and switch to kinetic grasp to take incoming fire and recharge the shield, the pros said. The two abilities work in tandem. Using one allows the other to recover.

You never want to use Sigma's barrier until it breaks down. Or, as Space said: "You don't ever want to get caught with your pants down." Always have a trick up your sleeve and manage Sigma's abilities wisely.

- - -

Make the most of 'the rock'

Sigma's accretion, known simply as "the rock," compresses debris into a boulder hurtling toward the enemy. It has become Overwatch's equivalent of a three-point shot, which has led to many a flashy combos built for the highlight reel.

Do not lob Sigma's accretion for a cross-map catapult; the pros suggest using his ability for simple crowd control when the enemy is on top of you. Wait until your opponent runs out of abilities to dodge or parry and then let it rip. The best "rocks" don't miss.

- - -

Throw a barrier before using Sigma's ultimate

Sigma's strongest ability, Gravitic Flux, launches enemies sky-high and slams them to the ground, but the move leaves him temporarily defenseless as he sets up his aim.

Space said to shoot a shield barrier into the sky shortly before using Gravitic Flux; it can protect against enemy fire. It's not a surefire solution, but the shield could protect you against a quick draw from an enemy McCree or Widowmaker. "If you're going to do anything, make sure you do that every time," Space said.