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Adult star Maria Ozawa chooses Philippines as new home

Jun 13. 2016
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By Philippine Daily Inquirer

MANILA - In a development that is sure to make her legions of fans happy, adult video icon Maria Ozawa has apparently decided to stay in the Philippines on a more permanent basis.

Why? Well, because of business, of course. The Japanese internet sensation—who has since retired from the adult video industry—is now one of eight partners who put up the increasingly popular Singles Bar at Remington Hotel located in Resorts World Manila in Pasay City.

The Inquirer’s Biz Buzz was lucky enough to interview Ozawa at the swanky nightspot, which she described as a “gentleman’s club” where people (predominantly affluent businessmen and movers and shakers) can hang out and relax during evenings after a hard day’s work.
“Business is doing great and I love working with the Resorts World team,” she says. “When we first met to discuss this project, we clicked instantly.”
Apart from her TV stints on TV5 and her photoshoots for billboards and magazine, Ozawa says this new business venture is what keeps her busy since she visits the club—which she helped conceptualise— several times a week to meet the guests and even share drinks with them. The personal Ozawa touch even extends to her famous (on the internet, at least) red kimono, which, framed in a large glass case, adorns the entrance to the bar. And yes, she is fluent in English, being half Canadian.
This lady has travelled the world and has lived in several countries (apart from Japan, there’s China, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, among others), but she says she loves the Philippines and its people the most.
“I love the humidity here. It’s good for moisturising the skin,” she says, adding that that she has even acquired a local condo unit already. “And the people are so friendly. Everyone’s always smiling.”
Singles Bar is part of a chain of establishments at Remington Hotel that includes the La Maison whisky bar, the Jardin Garden Club for al fresco dining and the new House Manila nightclub.
And here’s how it works in Singles Bar: The guest comes in and pays a fixed hourly rate (“If you have to ask how much, you can’t afford it,” as they say), which entitles you to enjoy the evening’s musical entertainment at the lounger, drinks of your choice, and the company of attractive, articulate and tastefully attired female hosts. And by “tastefully attired,” we mean they’re dressed in … well … maybe you should go see for yourself.
Now before you get any naughty thoughts, remember that these female hosts are rotated regularly during the guest’s stay. The idea is for them to be with you long enough to entertain you, but probably not long enough for a guy to get “too close”.
Biz Buzz learned that the club management has even scientifically determined the ideal time for the female hosts to be rotated before the guests summon up enough courage to make “the moves.” And that duration is … 15 minutes.
But there’s only so much words can do to describe the venue and Ms. Ozawa’s charms. We know you’re curious. Go. 

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