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Komehyo has sent Japanese experts to station in Thailand to examine second-hand or “pre-loved” luxury items.

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Komehyo, Japan’s No.1 second-hand luxury item business, celebrates second anniversary in Thailand with two stores in Thailand, aims to expand to five stores to tap into 3bn-baht-worth Thai market

Saha Komehyo Co., Ltd., established with cooperation of Saha Group and Komehyo Japan, continues to tap into Thailand’s three-billion-baht-worth second-hand luxury goods market by utilizing Komehyo’s strength as the No.1 in the Japanese market with extensive experience, high credibility and standard, and the ability to impress customers under the concept “Spread Joy, Spark Happiness”.

The company aims to build a society where people can share with each other their invaluable pre-loved luxury items, which will also help stimulate the economy. It currently operates two stores in Thailand, one on the second floor of [email protected] and another on the first floor of Central Bangna, and plans to continually open new stores in order to reach the target to operate five stores in the country

The business has been well-received by Thailand’s brand-name fans as it is ready to buy large amounts of second-hand luxury items in order to cater to the market demand.

Komehyo has sent Japanese experts to station in Thailand to examine second-hand or “pre-loved” luxury items.

Mr. Hideo Takeo, Managing Director of Saha Komehyo, said “Komehyo has a profound understanding of brand-name items from both the seller’s and buyer’s perspectives. We treat second-hand luxury goods as ‘pre-loved items’ that are invaluable to our customers. As such, we are well-received by Thai customers and have been growing continuously in the past two years.”

“Komehyo intends to help transfer luxury items one no longer uses to another who wants it, which, in effect, is the transfer of happiness. This is how we came up with the concept ‘Spread Joy, Spark Happiness’. All luxury items, such as bags and watches, will be meticulously examined by our highly experienced experts from Japan, who are ready to provide personal advice and professional care throughout the buying and selling processes.”

“Our customers will enjoy the same level of quality of service and credibility as our business in Japan guaranteed by our reputation, which will allow them to buy or sell luxury items with confidence. Customers who want to sell an item can make an appointment in advance and we will prepare a private guest area for them. As of now, we are ready to buy a large volume of brand-name items.”

Komehyo has sent Japanese experts to station in Thailand to examine second-hand or “pre-loved” luxury items.

“Under the concept of ‘Spread Joy, Spark Happiness’, Komehyo acts as credible intermediary who can ensure trust and confidence of customers by guaranteeing the quality of items. We have over 300 experts in Japan with expertise specific to each type of items. Each expert must complete our training and pass our examination on buying, product care and pricing, based on a special curriculum we have developed throughout our long history using a database from over 1.4 million items per year. We want every step of any transaction with us to be credible as we aim to impress and provide happiness to customers who wish to buy or sell their beloved brand-name items.”

Komehyo, Japan’s No.1 pre-loved luxury item business, operates two stores on the second floor of [email protected] and another on the first floor of Central Bangna. It provides a certificate of authenticity for each item which has passed a careful examination by a Japanese expert under a standardized grading system. A team of brand-name experts are available to help select luxury items to be sent directly from Japan to Thai customers.

Komehyo is launching a special promotion to celebrate its second anniversary in Thailand. Customers who buy items worth 30,000 baht will get to draw a discount coupon with the highest possible value of 10,000 baht, while customers who sell items worth 30,000 baht will receive a Starbucks Card worth 1,000 baht. The campaign is available from 16 October to 16 November 2021. Customers can make an appointment to sell their luxury items in a special private room and can enjoy buying various luxury items at any of the two stores. They can also view the items online at the website and view an online video guide at 


Published : October 19, 2021