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FRIDAY, March 24, 2023
ClouDee, join hands to offer Conversational AI solutions

ClouDee, join hands to offer Conversational AI solutions

FRIDAY, June 10, 2022

Leading disruptive communication platform provider ClouDee is partnering a leading next-gen total experience automation platform,, to deliver Conversational AI solutions.

The partnership, announced on Thursday, aims to help Thai enterprises enable an elevated and hyper-personalised customer experience and employee experience.

This partnership aims to establish market leadership in Thailand by delivering cutting-edge Conversational AI solutions to enterprises across industries, bolstering their business agility and growth, ClouDee said.

As a result, businesses in Thailand will now be able to benefit from solutions that enhance their interaction with customers and employees, making them more intuitive, personal, and in real-time.

Ankush Bhardwaj

ClouDee CEO Ankush Bhardwaj said that in today’s highly competitive marketscape, it has become crucial for enterprises to create and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

"By partnering with for its Conversational AI solutions, ClouDee is bolstering its abilities to help businesses further personalise customer engagements, deliver experiences that are meaningful and have long-term business impact," he said.

"This partnership between ClouDee and ensures that we can deliver best-in-class, innovative customer-centric solutions with an aim to build bridges between businesses in Thailand and their customers."

He added that the company is also promoting government agencies to use automation platforms in a bid to facilitate citizens on using services, such as Covid-19 vaccination and immigration.

Neil Barman chief growth officer Neil Barman said enterprises across industries are looking to automate their customer engagements not only for 24/7 customer support but also to augment their sales and marketing efforts across digital channels.

"Our partnership with ClouDee is a definitive step towards enabling enterprises through our Dynamic AI agents that offer enriching, delightful and personalised interactions, at scale,” he said.

Passakon Prathombutr

Meanwhile, the Digital Economy Promotion Agency has also shown interest to apply Conversational AI solutions to smart city development.

The agency's chief technology officer for Digital Technology and Innovation Development, Passakon Prathombutr, said smart cities are a part of Thailand 4.0 to push the country towards a value-based economy.

He said the agency has a process in place that allows any city that submits a proposal to DEPA to get a government incentive if they meet the criteria.

"Essentially, we encourage city officials to gather data and pinpoint the issue. The data might be gathered through sensors, CCTV cameras, or directly from citizens via a phone call or chat box. Then we use AI to assess the need and find a solution to the problem," he said.

He added that chat bots take on the task of communicating with individuals 24 hours a day, seven days a week about any needs before directing them to the appropriate personnel.

"With the advancement of digital technologies and chat bots, we could solve and address the problem in various ways like never before," he added.