Sun, January 23, 2022


SET expected to fluctuate despite positive Thailand economic forecast

Krungsri Securities forecast the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) Index on Friday (November 19) would fluctuate between 1,640-1,660 points.

It said the index gained positive sentiment from Thailand economic and SET-listed firms' profit forecasts that they would recover in the fourth quarter this year. Mass buy-ups of shares that gained specific positive sentiment would help boost the index, it added.

"However, the index would be under pressure due to uncertainty over the US Federal Reserve would raise interest rate sooner than expected to deal with rising inflation," Krungsri Securities predicted.

It also recommended buying of the following companies’ shares as an investment strategy:

▪︎ BBL, TTB, KTB, KBANK and BLA, which would benefit from the rising interest rate. 

▪︎ HMPRO, CPN, CRC, AMATA, WHA, BTS, BEM, VGI, BDMS and MAJOR which benefit from domestic economic recovery.

Published : November 19, 2021