Wed, October 27, 2021


13 anti-government protesters arrested at Nang Lerng intersection

Police have arrested 13 anti-government protesters of the “Thalu Fah” group at around 6pm on Monday at the Nang Lerng intersection in Bangkok’s Dusit district for allegedly taking down barbed wires deployed by the officials and throwing ping pong bombs and other objects at crowd control police.

Deputy police spokesperson Pol Colonel Krisana Pattanacharoen said that the group had gathered at Chamai Maru-chet Bridge at around 5pm before marching to the Nang Lerng intersection and taking down barbed wire that officials had deployed around the Government House area.

“Police had warned the protesters that taking down barbed wire was illegal but they didn’t listen. Instead, they fired bottle rockets and threw ping pong bombs and bags of paint at crowd control police, who responded by firing water cannon at the protesters,” said Krisana.

13 anti-government protesters arrested at Nang Lerng intersection


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“During the clash, police confiscated three vehicles and arrested 13 protesters, more than half of them are underaged,” said the deputy police spokesman.

Their parents have been issued summons to be notified of the charges, as parents could have violated the Child Protection Act by allowing their children to participate in activities that caused public disturbance and violated the emergency decree.

“Some parents turned their children in to the police after finding out that they had participated in the rally. We thank them for their cooperation,” added Krisana. “Parents need to keep an eye on their children, as they can be persuaded by friends or other parties to join protests.”

Published : September 28, 2021