Wed, October 27, 2021


GPO promises some Moderna shots this month

In a joint statement on Saturday, the Government Pharmaceutical Organisation (GPO) and the Private Hospital Association announced that they will do their best to distribute Moderna vaccines within this month.

The agencies made this statement after manufacturer Zuellig Pharma announced on Friday that 1.9 million doses should be delivered by November. However, it also said it was trying to procure supplies from other sources like the US to deliver some doses in October.

“The GPO and the Private Hospital Association will monitor and speed up the distribution in line with Zuellig Pharma’s statement,” GPO said. “Upon receiving the first batch, GPO will allocate doses to hospitals that have placed purchase orders as soon as possible.”

GPO added that based on Zuellig Pharma’s comments, another 6.8 million doses will be delivered in the first quarter of next year.

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The joint statement came in response to public anger and demand for refunds from people who have paid for their Moderna jabs since July.

Earlier, the GPO had said the vaccine would start arriving in batches every month from October and in response, private hospitals have been setting up vaccination schedules. People have paid 1,650 baht per dose or 3,300 baht for two jabs of Moderna inclusive of insurance and other fees.

Published : October 03, 2021