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FM dismisses claims it blocked Poland’s donation of Moderna vaccines

The Foreign Ministry on Monday rejected rumours that it had forbidden Thammasat University (TU) from receiving a donation of 3 million Moderna vaccine doses from Poland.

The ministry’s spokesperson Tanee Sangrat said the reports were incorrect as the ministry does not have any legal authority to prohibit the university from making deals with foreign agencies or importing vaccines.

He said TU had written to the ministry on October 22 stating that the Polish government organisation, Rzadowa Agencia Rezerw Strategicznych (RARS), wished to donate 3 million doses of the vaccine and that 1.5 million doses were ready for delivery.

The university asked the ministry for help in bringing the batch into the country as well as getting the Thai Embassy in Warsaw to inspect the lot and cooperate with RARS in facilitating the import.

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Tanee said the ministry responded to TU suggesting that the university deal directly with the donor agency. He said nothing in the letter indicated that the ministry disagreed with or was opposed to the donation.

“The Foreign Ministry provided professional advice in good faith that TU should carefully consider the donation process to avoid complaints from any parties. Especially if it is seen as having commercial interests related to the donated vaccines,” Tanee added.

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FM dismisses claims it blocked Poland’s donation of Moderna vaccines

Published : October 27, 2021