Tue, May 24, 2022


1.38 million doses of Moderna vaccine to arrive this Saturday: GPO

A total of 1,382,500 doses of Moderna Covid-19 vaccine will be delivered to Thailand on Saturday, the Government Pharmaceutical Organization announced on Wednesday (November 24).

“Zuellig Pharma Ltd., the importer of Moderna vaccine, has notified that the vaccine will arrive in Thailand on a China Airlines’ flight CI 0835 (Taipei-Bangkok), scheduled to land at 4.45pm. of November 27,” said the announcement. “So far, the company has imported a total of 1,942,700 doses of Moderna vaccine.”

“GPO, the Private Hospital Association and Zuellig Pharma are committed to procuring high quality Covid-19 vaccines to create herd immunity among Thai citizens and bring back normal lifestyle as soon as possible. We will update the details periodically,” said the announcement.

Published : November 25, 2021