Tuesday, November 24, 2020
Malaysian director becomes pride of nation
Nov 23. 2020
Geoff Edgers (top) and Lewis Black on Oct. 30 in Edgers' weekly Instagram Live show
Q&A with Lewis Black: Hating Facebook, learning to yell from his 102-year-old mother and why he's tired of being the grown-up
Nov 22. 2020
Rome Is Burning
Photo by: Princeton — Handout
Book World: What was Emperor Nero really doing while Rome burned?
Nov 21. 2020
Modern Dog tuning up for 4 acoustic concerts
Nov 20. 2020
Fact-checking 'The Crown': How icy were Queen Elizabeth and Margaret Thatcher with each other?
Nov 16. 2020
Members of the Cathedral Choral Society filming the
Scattered and silenced by the pandemic, choral groups are trying to find their voice
Nov 12. 2020
'What a moment in history': As TV anchors declare Joe Biden the winner over Trump, emotions flow
Nov 08. 2020
Clare Crawley, on her last night as the Bachelorette. MUST CREDIT: Craig Sjodin/ABC
'The Bachelorette' implodes as the star leaves the show: A guide to a chaotic episode
Nov 06. 2020
Japanese Film Festival back in the House!
Nov 05. 2020
The stage is being repainted at the Garrick Theatre in London. MUST CREDIT: photo for The Washington Post by Tori Ferenc.
The coronavirus keeps most London theaters dark, while performers stock grocery shelves
Oct 30. 2020
Iloilo City’s Rabiya Mateo is Miss Universe Philippines 2020
Oct 26. 2020
Pakistani filmmaker wins gender equality award in Singapore
Oct 25. 2020
A scene from  Over the Moon. [Photo/Mtime]
China-US co-production garners attention on Netflix debut
Oct 25. 2020
Sacha Baron Cohen reprises his role as a fictional Kazakh journalist in
Rudy Giuliani joins a long list of political figures pranked by Sacha Baron Cohen
Oct 25. 2020
Netflix new subscriber sign-ups plummeted over the summer, marking the end of pandemic-fueled growth
Oct 21. 2020
Thai-Canadian model crowned Miss Universe Thailand
Oct 11. 2020
BTS (Big Hit Entertainment-Yonhap)
Should BTS get military exemption?
Oct 11. 2020
Photo credit: Guide to the World of Music
World music forum aims to introduce Indonesian ethnic music
Oct 11. 2020
Book World: National Book Awards finalists are a strikingly fresh group
Oct 10. 2020
Just Like You
Photo by: Riverhead Books — Handout
Book World: May meets September; love lives in the moment
Oct 10. 2020
Ant World
Photo by: Liveright. — handout
Book World: Eight decades of observing ants and their amazing adventures
Oct 09. 2020
Crown for Miss Universe Thailand open to ‘private viewing’
Oct 09. 2020
A Godzilla figurine sits on display at Toho Cinemas Hibiya in Tokyo on March 22, 2018. MUST CREDIT: Bloomberg photo by Noriko Hayashi.
/Photo by: Noriko Hayashi — Bloomberg
Location: TokyoJapan
As Cineworld shutters, Japan's movie king Toho nears new high
Oct 08. 2020
Timothée Chalamet, left, and Rebecca Ferguson appear in
Hundreds of theaters are closing as the pandemic upends the film industry; here are the biggest releases you'll have to keep waiting for
Oct 08. 2020
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