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Capella Bangkok offers eclectic epicurean delights of the East and West

Mar 10. 2021
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By The Nation

Offering picturesque views of the grand Chao Phraya River, Capella Bangkok is a gateway to the eternal beauty of nature, and the urban oasis of the city, one of the best places to enjoy the dawn of a New Year. Besides the luxury, the comfort and the majestic scenario of the heart of Bangkok, Capella also captures the capital city's unique charm – the food.

At Capella Bangkok, visitors enjoy an assortment of tastes – from traditional Thai food, classic French and Italian cuisine, tea break in the afternoon, or a toast at night.

Phra Nakhon: Start your flavourful journey to the city of the gourmet

Thailand has been recognised for its world-class cuisine. Authentic Thai cuisine in a warm sun-washed conservatory nestled in a lush garden by the river’s edge at Phra Nakhon would be a great start for the yummy journey. Phra Nakhon is the historic riverside district where street food stalls and small family restaurants bloomed and became the country’s culinary heartland

At Phra Nakhon Restaurant, food is served under the concept of family-sharing, a great place to gather with your companion and intimate people, especially on the riverside terrace, enjoying the natural breeze.

Before the start of a meal, unique appetizers like ‘Thai Amuse-Bouche’ will be offered to stimulate the palate before starting the meal, and ‘Petit Fours’ at the end of the meal.

Diners can select a series of plates from all regions of Thailand, whether northern, southern, eastern, northeastern, or western cusine, such as freshly-shucked oysters with house-made chilli paste or southern Thai-style grilled and marinated wild-caught squid, to curries, wok-grilled plates and aromatic noodle bowls. Tasting the set menu also is recommended with ‘Long Chim’ for lunch and ‘Sam Rub’ for dinner.

Every meal ends with a choice of traditional Thai desserts, such as sweetened taro, caramelised water chestnuts and home-made ice cream with a variety of toppings, just like the vendor carts of days gone by.

Tea Lounge: Chit-chat break with the beauty of Asian tea culture and a touch of French sweets

After a savoury, salty meal, it’s time to allow your tongue to wash down the goodness with Asian tea culture and the finest French pâtisserie in a gentle riverside ambience at the Tea Lounge located amidst verdant gardens and calming lily ponds overlooking the river, the setting for daytime refreshments and high teas.

In-house guests and foody visitors can embark on their own tea journey with a choice of teas from premium black, white, green, to oolong varieties, along with fresh herbal and floral infusions. The recommended choice is Connoisseur’s teas -- the rare, handpicked leaves from the cool hills of southern China and northern Thailand -- which can be customised with choice of tropical and botanical elements.

For a magical afternoon break, award-winning Executive Pastry Chef Sylvain Constans proudly presents Signature High Tea Experience, starting with a Tea and Herb Trolley to refresh the palate, then continues with sublime savouries, such as the Foie Gras Pearl and Uni Royale, handcrafted scones with pomelo and spices jam, lemon-ginger marmalade and clotted cream, etc. Apart from at-table serving, a ‘dessert trolley’ will cart along, offering various beautiful cakes for selection.

CÔTE: Journey to the West

After dwelling on eastern food since sun high, the tasty journey balances out with other side culture from the West with world-class cuisine from Riviera and Liguria where food is fused into life and dignity like in Bangkok.

Special meals are offered at Capella Bangkok by Davide Garavaglia, the former Chef de Cuisine at Mirazur, who is now leading the team and is the Chef at Côte on behalf of Italo-Argentinian Mauro Colagreco, Chef Patron of restaurant Mirazur, the winner in 2019 of The World's 50 Best Restaurant Awards. They offer a world-class culinary experience on the riverbank in Bangkok’s historic Charoenkrung district, an alluring urban enclave that has welcomed new settlers – including many intrepid French and Italian travellers – to Thailand for centuries, and remains a rich melting pot of race, religion, culture and cuisine even today.

The “Riviera to the River” concept, which embraces seasons, colours, textures and flavours, is brought out as it takes its inspiration from two of the world’s most desired destinations.

Starters may begin with tasting set menu, available at lunch and dinner, a prelude to a tasty experience.

Special for dinner, guests will be introduced to the 9-course ‘Carte Blanche’ tasting set menu. This is like a blind menu that offers guests the luxury of choosing not to choose, allowing the chef to present the best of his art based on exceptional products, seasonal inspiration and signature Colagreco touches.

All dishes at Côte are uniquely designed for the restaurant with just the philosophy inspired by Mirazur – evidenced by the monkfish "a la cacciatora", a dish that marries the sea and land in a recipe that typically uses chicken. Thai ingredients and techniques are infused into a menu with a pestle and mortar central to creating sauces – just as it is in the French Riviera and Italian Liguria cuisine.

Stella: Guiding star to cocktail and dessert bar for a well-ending tasty journey

Bespoke libations and patisserie staged in a vivid, ethereal boudoir, Stella cocktail and dessert bar is a perfect place to stop by before ending your meal. Be the guest of Aegis – an iconic white peacock representing integrity and eternal beauty – welcoming all in the middle of the bar, and explore, while enjoying live music all night, the sweet and signature cocktail inspired by great female warriors from Thailand, China, India and Japan.

For Thailand, Stella has chosen Khun Ying Mo, the icon from Nakhon Ratchasima from the early 1800s, who is credited with leading a small women’s army that overpowered Laotian invaders. "The Brave Lady" cocktail pays tribute to her in the bar.

Cocktails at Stella are all either original compositions, reborn classics -- all uniquely pair if required with pastries and desserts. Besides the dessert pairing with our signature cocktails, the “Dessert Omakase" by executive pastry chef, Sylvain Constans is the only one in Bangkok.

Besides the sweetness, variety of nibbles and tapas-style food including caviar, oysters, tartines, Kushikatsu and Kushiyaki Rossini are also available to pair with your choice of drinks.

Capella Bangkok seeks connection and shared experiences that inspire visitors via food, culture and history, which represent an aesthetic part of life, bringing unique experiences tied with unforgettable moments to cherish for years to come.

To begin the journey, contact and make a reservation as below

• Côte by Mauro Colagreco

Tel: 020983888

Email: [email protected]


• Phra Nakhon

Tel: 020983817

Email: [email protected]


• Stella

Tel: 0659984674

Email: [email protected]


• Tea Lounge

Tel: 0659984675

Email: [email protected]


Capella Bangkok

300/2 Charoenkrung Rd., Yannawa, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120

Tel: 020983888

Email: [email protected]   


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