Thailand Hajj Delegation Observes Mena and Arafa

SUNDAY, JUNE 09, 2024

On June 6, 2024, during the moon sighting and the announcement of the first day of Dhu Al Hijjah on June 7, 2024, a notable gathering of Thailand’s delegations was held in Arafa.

Sheikh Mahmoud Aqeel Damanhori and Sheikh Ali Hussain Bondagjy, the Chief Executive of Mashariq Company hosted this event. Mashariq Company, known for its extensive experience in providing Hajj services to many countries and Thailand’s pilgrims, operates under the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They devised a comprehensive plan to ensure that all services met the basic needs of the pilgrims by inviting the leaders of Thailand’s Hajj companies to observe the facilities in Mena and Arafa.

Pilgrims from Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, and Oceania can apply for the pilgrimage through the Nusuk Hajj application. Nusuk Hajj serves as a one-stop platform overseen by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, providing authorized service providers and ensuring a seamless spiritual journey. The Hajj season in 2024 is expected to host around 1.8 million pilgrims in Saudi Arabia, similar to the previous year, which saw a full-capacity annual pilgrimage post-pandemic. This year, Thailand’s Hajj delegation comprises 7,738 people, all expected to arrive in Makkah by June 11. Thai pilgrims are divided into three groups known as Maktab 87, 88, and 89. Despite delays due to complex roadblocks in Mena, the observation focused on work progress. Hundreds of Mashariq staff worked tirelessly around the clock to resolve all issues, particularly concerning the size of the sleeping beds in each centre.

Thailand Hajj Delegation Observes Mena and Arafa

For the first time, Mashariq Company invited Thailand’s Hajj affairs representatives and Hajj companies to dinner at Arafa and observation of the preparations in Mena and Arafa. Khaled Mohammad Azhari, the leader of Maktab 87, confirmed that this was the first observation of its kind, emphasizing the importance of understanding the area, location, and developments. Mashariq has decorated coffee corners for pilgrims, cleaned toilets, installed air conditioning, cleaned kitchens, and ensured walking space. Despite the limited space in Mena, they are committed to making all beds available to the pilgrims.

Dr Bandit Aroman, Deputy Dean for Research and Innovation at Krirk University, along with students training in Hajj and Umrah, participated in the gathering. He noted, “We have seen all parties working together to resolve issues. Hajj is not just about management; it is about unity and learning from each other. This year, we have seen significant improvements in Mashariq’s management, and for the first time, all parties were invited to a dinner at one of the holy places in Arafa, Makkah, Saudi Arabia.”