Female hospital intern uses Muay Thai skills to fight off assault


Woman uses Muay Thai moves taught by her grandfather to fend off attempted molester

It can be a good idea to learn Muay Thai, especially for women. This is evident from the experience of one young Thai woman.

A Facebook user who goes by the pseudonym "B" and is an intern at a hospital shared a harrowing story that has garnered significant attention online. She was attacked by a male-nurse assistant who tried to assault her by grabbing her neck and attempting to molest her in the hospital. She also shared a video of the incident.

The 31-second video shows how she managed to escape the terrifying moment using her Muay Thai skills.

The incident occurred during a shift change, around midnight.

Before the incident, she had gone to order food at a restaurant near the hospital. The perpetrator was sitting in the same restaurant, consuming alcohol. He offered to deliver her food to her, claiming that he was also about to start his shift and would be heading to the building where Miss B was working.

Miss B explained that the building she was working in was a women-only facility where men were not allowed. At the time of the incident, it was quite late and quiet. The perpetrator was able to pass through security because he was familiar to them, and thus did not raise any suspicion.

Female hospital intern uses Muay Thai skills to fight off assault

The moment the male-nurse assistant grabbed her neck, she was shocked and tried to claw at his face. When he didn’t let go, she attempted to twist his wrist and bit his hand before using her knee to strike him, forcing him to release her. The incident happened outside the building while other nurses were busy attending to patients.

Miss B mentioned that defensive skills that helped her escape the assault were taught to her by her grandfather, who worked in the Muay Thai industry and had been teaching her self-defence techniques since she was young. 

She advised everyone working night shifts to stay alert for unexpected situations.

After the incident, the male-nurse assistant was dealt with according to the hospital's regulations, and Miss B has also reported the case to the police.