More than 100 drug inmates escape rehab centre in Krabi


Inmates of Siboya Island drug rehabilitation facility flee, claiming physical abuse

More than 100 patients escaped from a drug rehabilitation centre on Krabi province’s Siboya Island as they claimed they were assaulted during rehabilitation.

Officials at Khlong Khanan Police Station said they were informed on Friday that people escaping from a drug rehabilitation centre tried to get out of the island, leading residents of Siboya subdistrict to live in fear. 

Police said most of the fleeing patients gathered on a beach in proximity to a pier as they tried to get off the island. 

Police said they tried to negotiate with the inmates to get them to go back to the centre. 

However, according to the police, the escapees refused to go back as they claimed they had been physically abused and mistreated. 

The patients said they could not stay in the rehab centre any longer as they were beaten so cruelly that some had died, according to the police. 

Also, they said that some were not allowed to leave the centre even though their rehab process had finished as they were treated as labourers. 

Police said it took around two hours until the patients decided not to leave the island. Around 80 patients were brought to Khlong Kanan Police Station and waited for their relatives to bring them home. 

More than 100 drug inmates escape rehab centre in Krabi