Two injured in fire after pickup hits petrol dispenser in Surin

SUNDAY, JUNE 16, 2024

A pickup truck driver reportedly lost control and crashed his vehicle into a petrol dispenser of a petrol station in Surin province on Saturday evening, resulting in a fire that injured him and a worker, police said.

Police said the accident happened at 6.20am at a petrol station near Salak Dai intersection on Lak Muang Road in Tambon Nok Muang of Surin’s Mueang district.

The fire quickly spread to an adjacent dispenser and both were badly damaged before firefighters extinguished the blaze.

The massive flames at the two dispensers prompted all workers to flee the petrol station.

The pickup driver, who was injured, was rushed to the Surin Hospital. Police have yet to interrogate him and consider legal action.

A worker of the station, Anocha Luempit, 43, was injured because the hit dispenser also hit him while he was filling petrol in a vehicle.

Two injured in fire after pickup hits petrol dispenser in Surin

Anocha said fire started within a few seconds of the dispenser being hit by the pickup and he suffered burns on his arms and legs. He and other workers ran for their lives, he recounted.

An eyewitness, Witthawat Hitayaso, 26, said he saw the pickup approaching the dispenser quite fast and hit it, causing the fire.

Witthawat said he thought the driver was making a turn into the station for refuelling but he was driving too fast and lost control of the vehicle.